My SGO story

This is the post excerpt.

When my husband suggested we tell our story of our journey I was a little hesitant, mainly because I didn’t think anyone would be interested really. But after seeing the responses we’ve had and knowing other friends are going through something similar, maybe it might help…or maybe not! Im not the best with words, i will just be saying it from the heart and how i felt So here it goes…

Andy’s already painted a picture of the events of last year involving baby H. So I will start with where I was before all this happened. 

2015 into Jan 2016 I was focused and passionately working away at growing my forever business. I was going to events, going to meeting, holding my own meetings. I was pushing out of my own comfort zone. I was having the normal ups and downs of life. 

My 2 children had clubs and school run, so that was me. Like most mum’s I know…we juggle, we struggle, we smile, we laugh and it’s just something we do. 

I had planned where I wanted to be in my business so the activity I needed to do matched where I wanted to be, if that makes sense. I spent a lot of time with the kids. I had time one on one with them. I was basically at a stage where I had all the children I wanted, i was done with child birth, mopping up sick and changing yukky nappies!

So, Jan 2016… wow! What a whirl wind of a year we were about to have.

H’s mum and I do not get on at all. I’m not sure why maybe she thinks I’ve taken her uncle Andy away from her who knows. Despite our differences and my reluctance to have anything do with her I met up with H’s mum to talk about being at the birth. I had been present at another one of her children’s birth and for whatever reason she wanted me there. I remember her being calm and talking softly as she asked me to be at the birth of baby H. After a few tears and a hug I agreed but making it clear that I didn’t want to be involved like I was before. 

A few hours later that day after that chat, mum went into labour and H was born! A week later I met H I will never forget the first day I met him…he was a beautiful baby. As I cuddled him he smiled at me (yes it could have been wind but I prefer my thoughts on it) it was like we instantly knew each other, it was like we bonded on some level. Sounds strange but that’s how it